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Book of Abstracts

Session 1.
This area comprises a widely understood process of upbringing and education in the family environment. It is important to reflect on its determinants and the process itself, with regard to the specifics of each society. The analysis of the methodology of family upbringing is required. The other area which needs to be analysed is the process of self-education.

Session 2.
Placing family upbringing in the educational system offers numerous opportunities for cooperation aimed at the well-being of the family and the country. Moreover, it is of great importance to reflect on the reasons for difficulties arising at the interface between the family and the system. It is important to reflect on the openness of the family to school education as well as on the readiness and efficiency of the educational system in terms of support offered to the family.

Session 3.
They embrace issues related to the process of education in the family and at school as well as the system of support in these dimensions of education. It is necessary to analyse the role of institutions which support and complement the educational process at home and at school. Research will make it possible to identify strengths and weaknesses of the social aspects of education.

Session 4.
Demographic changes, including migration processes, force a reorientation of the forms of education. These changes are likely to increase. The current geopolitical situation is also not without significance. Therefore it is necessary to look for solutions that will allow the proper assimilation of children and young people from ethnic minorities. A closer look at these issues is also important from the point of view of the development perspectives for the family and education in European Union countries.

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